Beginner Digital Photography Tips for Camera Excellence

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Learning digital photography tips as a beginner is a lot like learning a new sport. You must first acquaint yourself with the movements and foundational aspects of what you are learning before you can reach any level of success.

Concerning photography, one should realize that the key to successful photography taking begins with two things: a solid understand of how to use your camera and a solid understanding of composition.

What is Composition?

I’m talking about the arranging of objects in a photo frame. When you take a photo and look through the viewfinder you are looking through a frame. The contents within this frame are arranged according to where you stand and where you position your camera.

A simple adjustment of a few inches of your arm can turn an ugly beginner photo into a professional shot for a magazine cover! It’s these little adjustments and why professionals do them that will take you to the next level.

There are a handful of compositional techniques that you can learn. For example,simplicity, a simple rule, says to keep the photo simple. Avoid complex and cluttered image with too much information. Instead, find a subject and isolate it.

Example of Simplicity: Instead of standing in front of your subject and photographing it, zoom in to isolate the subject from the other objects nearby. Get lower and shoot from below to remove background objects. Use a small aperture to blur the background and isolate the subject as well (this is a more complex technique that uses camera techniques).

Camera Knowledge

The last technique above requires a good knowledge of the settings on your camera, particularly the shutter stop and aperture. The more you learn about your camera and how to use it, the better you’ll be able to take photos.

Learning how to use a camera is not nearly as complex as it once was. Fifty years ago before digital cameras were the norm, if you wanted to take photos you had to know how to use your camera and properly expose the image. If you didn’t, you would end up wasting rolls and rolls of film.

Despite the modern ease of cameras, it is important to learn the essential camera functions. Simply looking at your camera manual can be a great start. It all depends on the type of camera you have. If you have an automatic camera then you will be limited as far as what you can do. SLR cameras, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of functions and manual features.

It should be your goal to shoot in manual most of the time. This will result in better exposed images that look more professional.