Tips for Better Digital Photography

Digital photography is quickly replacing film photography. While there are some hobbyists and even professional photographers that still shoot film photos, the many advantages of digital photos are winning over more photographers on a daily basis. Digital photography tends to be easier and faster to shoot. In addition, it gives the photographer more options in shooting the pictures, editing the photos and even printing and ways of sharing the photos. If you’re ready to be a better digital photographer, here are some tips to get you shooting higher quality photos.

Tip #1 Be Aware of the Background

Not only do you have to be conscious of the subject you are shooting, but you also need to be aware of the objects or scenery in the background. The awareness helps you to keep trees from seemingly growing out of people’s heads or a passing vehicle that draws the attention away from your subject. Even if it means moving the subject you are shooting over a couple of steps or adjusting the angle at which you take the photo, it can make all the difference in the outcome of the picture.

Tips #2 Use Available Lighting

If your digital camera has an option to turn the flash off and there is sufficient natural lighting, then switch the flash off. In general, the flash on a camera is harsh and it reflects in the color quality of the digital photography. Camera flash can make human skin look pale or can distort colors and make subjects blurry. Indoor photographs may not provide enough light for the picture to turn out, so you may need to use the flash. In these circumstances, shoot away from windows or bright lights inside of the home or area to avoid overexposure of what you are shooting as well.

Tip #3 Shoot at a Slight Angle

Rather than take the photo straight ahead, shoot at a slight angle. Even a three-quarter angle toward a person’s face permits you to see more of the person’s features and expressions than if you shoot the photograph right in front of the subject’s face. Shooting subjects at a slight angle also has a slimming effect on the person that you are shooting and how they turn out in the photograph.

Tip #4 Focus

Not only can you use the focus feature on a digital camera, but you can also move closer or further away from what you are shooting to bring the subject into focus. When you get a little closer to your subject, the subject tends to fill more of the frame of the camera, and ultimately the photograph. This allows you to enhance the photograph and avoid taking photos with too much of a background and not enough of the subject you wanted to capture in the first place.

Tip #5 Avoid Dead Center Subjects

Never put the subject of your picture in the dead center of the frame. Instead, put the subject slightly off center; not a lot but just a little. When shooting a group of people, draw an imaginary line in the center of the group. Then, shift slightly to the left or the right of the imaginary line to take the picture.

Following these tips won’t turn you into an award-winning photographer overnight. What it will do is get you on the right path to taking better and more powerful photographs that others will comment on for years to come. Digital photography may remain your hobby or you may be able to make a little cash from selling your photographs. Either way, these tips will get you where you want to be.